Premier Credit Card Processing in India

Connect with Ecostream Infotech’s payment gateway that provides you with the best solution for your business
We possess an assorted network of offshore and domestic banking partners that come with the strength to embrace businesses across all risk levels
Get credit card payment processing solutions for several business types – whether you operate at a low risk, high risk or simply a brick-and-mortar with an online store or an ecommerce website

Credit Card Payment processing solutions

If you are new to accepting credit cards or are looking to change over to newer payment processors, then we have the best solution for your business
From the simplest to the most complex needs, we provide fast, easy and convenient payment acceptances and experiences
We, one of the best Credit Card Processing in India, provide you with exceptional support that will help you focus on the growth of your business
We possess the latest in payment technology and come with the prowess to integrate a wide variety of software options


01 Multiple Currencies

  • Avoid conversion disputes when you go global and deliver localized buying experiences
  • Collect payments across major foreign currencies to allow payments in the local currency

02 Multilingual Checkout Page

  • Reach out to all sections of consumers when you provide them with a localized shopping experience
  • We also offer multilingual checkout pages in major international languages to enable global reach
  • Ecostream Infotech allows you to engage with customers in different native languages thus enhancing user experience and increasing success rates of the transactions

03 Easy Customization

  • Customize and design your payments page to complement your website
  • We provide you with a look and feel to upload your brand logo and even alter the color scheme to proffer your customers with a seamless experience

04 Retrying the Transaction

  • One of the smartest features incorporated into our credit card transaction processing and intelligently coded – retry option
  • There are several reasons why a transaction could fail such as bank downtime, incorrect payment options or wrong details of the card
  • Instead of going through the entire tedious payment details filling process, we provide customers with an intelligent try again system
  • This option redirects the customers to an intermediary page displaying the reason for failure
  • Here, customers can also choose alternate payment options to complete their buying
  • Hence, the number of abandoned transactions minimized

05 Checkout Systems

  • Repeat customers get a great comfortable and convenient checkout system
  • It is smooth, fast and seamless, providing users with one of the best buying experiences
  • Customers can also store their credit card credentials along with their shipping and billing details
  • Furthermore, the environment is PCI compliant and ready for future use
  • Returning customers just have to enter their CVV number with a secure password when they carry out their next transaction

06 Storage

  • We, one of the best Credit Card Processing in India, securely store your card details to facilitate faster repeat transactions
  • A unique identifier allotted to every encrypted card detail during a transaction
  • Reuse stored card information through the simple API and allow customers to transit smoothly across online payments

07 Store Fronts

  • A fully customizable store front is available for those who do not possess a website
  • Highly functional and compelling online stores created through a template
  • Unlimited products uploaded, while customizing the online store and accepting orders
  • Designed using a Responsive Web Design approach, the store front optimized across all devices
  • With this, the customers can just buy using their mobile phones, seamlessly

08 Shopping Cart

  • Ecostream infotech provides you with an integrated shopping cart with your website
  • Even with the most basic HTML knowledge, you should start selling online in less than a day
  • Add your products to the cart easily and link it to our gateway
  • Match the look of your website with the shopping cart and get ready to sell
  • Above all, the shopping cart is adaptive and lets your customers shop even on the go

EMV Technology

EMV or the Europay, Mastercard, and Visa technology minimizes frauds, protects issuers and consumers against losses
It also secures usage of counterfeits, and stolen payment cards at the point of sales
Embedded with microprocessors, the card interacts with the merchant’s POS systems to ensure that the card and the combined PIN are both valid
Trace the ROI for your business
Adding layers of security, the card is virtually impossible to duplicate


Minimize merchant account frauds when you combine the chip technology with the EMV
Customer base can be successfully retained when you provide secure shopping experiences
Save money in the long run without putting your hard-earned money at risk

Mobile EMV

Take advantage of Ecostream Infotech’s integrated processing solutions where customers can use mobile applications on their smartphones or tablets to transact
Compatible with both iOS and Android platforms, the systems are designed handle heavy EMV transactions
A specially certified device is used to process mobile EMV transactions
Process secure transactions on the go


Merchants access our mobile processing app from a popular integrated domain
The integration is achieved by using an API interface layer built into the mobile app
Thereafter, data is passed on by the calling application with the help of the API layer
The merchant, as a result, does not have to re-enter the data once again, into the application
After transaction initiation, processing of the data takes place via the Ecostream Infotech mobile processing app
Activate the card reader and simply swipe or insert the credit card so that the encrypted EMV can collect the data
how credit card processing works

Efficient POS

Get fast, secure and efficient Point of Sale transactions with the help of Ecostream Infotech’s POS processing solutions
Credit card authorizations are secure, efficient and almost instant
Choose from a variety of software and processing equipment that best suit your requirement
We provide PCI-compliant processing solutions with augmented security

Speak to consultants at Ecostream Infotech for fast, easy and secure credit card processing in India. Minimize the risks of credit card frauds and protect your business.