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About Email marketing

Communication was revolutionized with the advent of emails. Even now, emails are considered as the simplest form of communication, whether you are marketing or just sending an operational response. When used well, emails can dramatically affect your marketing performance with your customers and prospects. While the output of the tool is huge, there is a lot more to it than just sending an email. Deploying email marketing campaigns take intricacy, precision and a lot of effort. Unless strategized well, by professionals, an email marketing program may remain ineffective. Reach out to Ecostream Infotech, the leading digital marketing company in Chennai to sell your products and services through email marketing campaigns that have been the biggest ROI generators.

Elements of successful email marketing

Mobile-friendly designs

With more than 50% of the emails viewed on mobiles, responsive email templates are preferred
We also optimize the content for the best mobile experiences
This involves empathizing the way individuals consume email information on tablets and phones
We, as one the leading email marketing companies in Chennai, place the most important content above the fold.
Stunning visual elements used to compel potential customers to go through the entire campaign
White space and CTA or Call to Action placements are strategic so that the entire campaign does not appear cluttered
Optimizing emails for capability to make sure the message communicated in the simplest way possible

Opting in

A sustainable list growth for your email marketing is obtained when we use the double opt-in technique to verify subscribers
This way, the legitimacy of your campaign is maintained
When subscribers do not confirm to the subscription even if they have signed up accidentally, and if they are having second thoughts, they are given immediate options to unsubscribe
Email Marketing Companies in Chennai

Clarity in objectives

Every email marketing comes with an objective

One of the primary goals should be to complete the task that you wish the reader to achieve
The potential customer may even read a blog from your website, signup to appear in your mailing list, donate to a cause, download or share a resource and other such actions
Using minimal CTAs or Call to Action buttons, we ensure that each of these are extremely powerful and convey the idea clearly to the users as to what they should be doing next
The success of the engagement rates augmented when the process by itself simplified and the experience targeted
We, as one of the best email marketing companies in Chennai, always ensure that ultimately, the engagement of your campaign remains undiluted.


Demographic characteristics such as location, preference, age and even parental status evaluated before focusing the marketing campaigns
Purchase history, previous email engagements and other characteristics also pave the way for a follow-up marketing strategy
The overall email list filtered into smaller lists, to align audiences towards your email marketing goals


Our emails are meaningful and carefully integrated with the subscribers’ engagements, purchases and preferences
Communication completely customized through a potent mix of advanced list segmentation techniques especially meant for target audiences
To appeal to the specific needs of the audience, we use high-quality editorial content