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Social Media Marketing in Chennai

SMM is important

One of the most important aspects of digital marketing, social media has the ability to provide incredible benefits when applied to a profitable source.
Word about your product or service spreads fast thus opening up marketing opportunities through SMM
Reaching customers online is extremely easy with a large percentage of users’ presence online
Furthermore, your business gets widely searched on social media when consumers look for their preferred products and services

Benefits of Ecostream’s SMM services

01 Brand awareness

  • As a stress-free and rewarding digital marketing platform, social media helps augment business visibility to heightened levels
  • We, as a Social Media Marketing in Chennai, will create compelling social media business profiles to connect and network with a relevant audience
  • This way, your brand recognition improves alongside user experience
  • With regular usage, a wide range of listeners and viewers will gather around your business in no time

02 Budgeted

  • Social Media Marketing is considered as one of the most cost-effective means of marketing
  • Our SMM experts ensure free account creations across most social media platforms
  • With our strategy, you will certainly be able to get a greater return on investment
  • Additionally, your budgetary contribution towards business payments and other marketing activities improves

03 Customer engagement

  • With your social media presence, we ensure continuous engagement with your customers
  • Chances of conversion are, likewise, improved as a result of communication and interaction with your audience in more than one way
  • Finally, the brand establishes itself with no hassle whatsoever

04 Brand loyalty

  • When consumers can connect with your business, then personalization, consequently, becomes extremely easy
  • Customer retention and subsequently, brand loyalty both improve
  • Promotional campaigns can be undertaken through which you can develop a bond with your customers
  • Furthermore, introduce new products or modifications in product features thus garnering highly satisfied customers

05 Authority

  • Brand authority is automatically enhanced when brand loyalty improves – this also makes your business more powerful
  • Reply to customer queries quickly on the social media platform
  • When content is original, the brand gets a positive image
  • Customer care is also evident when you interact with your customers directly
  • Your product or service is appreciated by genuine and noteworthy customers who will vocally advocate your business

06 Traffic

  • Your website traffic increases when we share your content on social media
  • This also gives users a reason to visit your website improving click through rates
  • Quality content is shared on your social account to attract inbound traffic and provide conversion opportunities

07 SEO Rankings

  • With appropriate social media presence, consequently, SEO rankings can be easily measured
  • While requirements for SEO vary constantly, just optimizing your website may not be enough
  • Above all, you also have to adopt a successful social media marketing strategy to maintain brand validity, integrity and consistency

Our Services

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Get to your desired audience through Facebook marketing
Create engaging content while building brand relationships with your audience


A picture-based platform, it is extremely engaging
New products are primarily discovered here
Over 60% of the customer rely on Instagram for newer products and services


Use Ecostream’s Twitter services to increase your brand recognition
As a trusted platform, it builds some really strong B2B as well as B2C relationships


Sell all your consumer goods through Pinterest
Target the middle to high income group – especially women


A popular platform shared by business decision-makers and executives alike
Above all, spread your message across some of the most educated and high-level business owners